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More decoupage love…

Next to making skin & body care products my new obsession is decoupage. I dabbled with it back in high school but never really had much success. This is what I’ve been working on lately. I love the whole concept of turning something ordinary or even trash worthy into something functional and beautiful. I’m pretty new to this but I find it so therapeutic.

I sourced paper from my local craft shop and also from a wonderful seller on Etsy who has vintage papers, documents and other lovlies for paper crafts!

One of my projects inspired by EAB Designs is this adorned apothecary bottle.

I had so much fun making this special little bottle.

My second project was to take this hot cocoa tin and transform it into a beautiful pen holder for my desk. Grace sat across from me doing her own collage work. It was such a pleasure to sit quietly with her – listening to soft music and happily cutting and pasting away.

My pen holder has a travel theme to it…since I often dream of jet setting to fabulous destinations.  This project was a delight and it cost me pennies to make.

Okay, well that’s all for now, but I have a stack of finds from thrift stores that I can’t wait to re-invent!

Never thought of myself as crafty but then again I never thought I’d make skin care products either…who knew?



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Adorned Apothecary bottles

Found these on Etsy via the most beautiful EAB store. Immediately fell in love. Ordered this one (above).

Can’t wait to put it in my new office!

Aren’t they so lovely?

Image via EAB Designs

Yes, I know…I have spent far too much time on Etsy today…oh well.

Sweet dreams.



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