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Forest Friend

Hello! It was quite a whirlwind morning as I spent half of my day in Grace’s pre-school class as a volunteer. It’s been a while since I have been around that many kiddos! Whoa. I was a little overwhelmed at first but as the morning unfolded, I found myself really enjoying the kids and watching their interactions.

The letter of day was F! The kids called out as many words as they could starting with F. It was really cute. Forest and Friend both came up, so this afternoon as I was creating some more digital art, I found myself with a theme…

Grace approved of this one and wants a print of it for her room. She’s my biggest supporter!

How was your Wednesday? Hope it was fabulous (my favorite F word)!



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Photo day

Yesterday, I couldn’t stop taking photos.  The sunlight flooded in through the windows and cast a dreamy light on my kitchen table, making it a perfect stage for flowers and lace. Outside the white roses glowed and Grace found herself in our magical forest…


As you can tell, I’m having a blast experimenting with textures. They add a whole different feel to the image.

Happy Friday!



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Little square 2

I think I might be addicted. This collage thing is so much fun and so different to the traditional illustration training I got in college.

My second attempt…


4″ x 4″

Cardboard, vintage papers, magazine cuttings, pen, colored pencil, acrylic paint, glued, stamped, applied gems

This one evolved a lot more effortlessly. It was a pleasure really. Burning the edges of the paper was a little scary but I love the effect.

Maybe I’m getting the hang of being an artist again. Feels good.



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A forest beckons…

After three days of being sick with a tummy bug, Grace finally seemed to be feeling better, so I decided some fresh air was in order. We spread out blankets on the lawn, painted our toes, watched the birds and enjoyed the warmth of the sun. Our new home backs to a lovely little forest. It enticed us off our quilt and into its lush green wonderland…

A small bridge crosses over a trickling creek. Grace wanted to go across but with freshly painted toes I could hardly throw on my boots! I promised her on another day we would explore further…

Grace felt it necessary to run back into the house get a crayon and paper and draw a “map”  of the “fairy forest” so we wouldn’t get lost. Precious.

After our brief stroll through the forest I was drawn to some of the flowers in our yard…

A lovely afternoon with my little girl, surrounded by the beauty of nature – loved it.

Get out and take a walk through a forest near you. The child in you will thank you.



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