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Brave Borage

Need a dash of courage? A dollop of gusto? Borage may help you out, or so they believed back in the day…

The legend that Borage invoked bravery is a long one reaching back to  the Iron Age when Celtic warriors would drink wine spiked with Borage leaves when preparing to enter battle. I’m guessing it was the liquid courage that often accompanies alcohol that vanquished their fears rather than the powers of this herb.

However, Borage does have its own qualities that makes it a valuable ingredient in skin care. It’s inherent tannins and mucilage offer both an astringent and soothing effect on the skin and its precious seeds contain a high level of Gamma-Linoleic Acid (20%), a fatty acid that provides wonderful nourishment and helps cell replenishment. So my thoughts on all this…

Bravery is over-rated anyway. Young, healthy looking skin is far more important. Right?

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