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Vermeer meets Etsy


I got so inspired by my last post that I went hunting on Etsy to find beautiful items in the color palette of Vermeer’s – “Girl with a Pearl Earring”.

I just couldn’t help myself.



1. pinkandwhitedesign 2. muyinmolly 3. LoveErica 4. RowansRoom

5. cindylouwho2 6. owlonthesill 7. pinkandwhitedesign 8. MothHouse

9. cinnamonfern 10. SRdesign 11. amyolsonjewelry 12. SmittenVintage

13. erinspencer 14. broochefrommaris 15. leavesofclay 16. resplendid



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Artist inspired interior

Today was cold, sunny and very windy here in Ennis. I found myself with a cup of steaming tea, gazing out at the mountains and perusing my favorite design sites. I stumbled upon this article from Veranda about a home inspired by Vermeer’s famous “Girl with a Pearl earring” painting – I was in love! (Vermeer is one of my favorite artists).

Had to share these amazing rooms by renown interior designer John Saladino. His palette of gray, cream, ivory, periwinkle blue, and lavender is heavenly. Splashes of rich blue and gold further tie the rooms to the famous portrait. I want to move in…





I’m headed into town tomorrow with my mom and Grace for a lovely lunch at one of Ennis’ charming cafes. I will hopefully capture some good pics and blog more tomorrow.

Images: Antoine Bootz

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