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A Vintage portrait with Grace

Hi everyone! Hope you had a lovely weekend. Grace and I got to work on one of the art projects for my online art class this weekend and it was so much fun.  The assignment was to create a vintage inspired portrait on a small piece of canvas.

Grace was anxious to start and dived right in! I love that about creating with kids this young – they have no fear! While I sat there, carefully selecting each scrap of vintage paper, she got straight to work, with no hesitation.

She, of course, finished before me.  Her little fingers were covered in glue but she was just giddy – as was I!

Soon we both had our canvas’ prepared…covered in a patchwork of vintage papers and doilies.

I showed Grace examples of Jeanne’s original work so she could envision the outcome of the project.  See Jeanne’s beautiful piece below…

image via jeanneoliverdesigns

We will be attaching these canvas’ to vintage door plates or escutcheons, just as seen above. I have two coming from Etsy! I love how this makes a stand for these tiny artworks!

Here is Grace’s finished portrait…

When I asked her to tell me the story behind this portrait she said, ” She is a princess, waiting in the garden outside her castle for her prince to come.” I melted. My little romantic.

Here are the first steps of my process…sketching in my girl…

I painted out some of the background papers to create a light area.

Using a Stabilo Marks all pencil, charcoal, white gel pen and acrylic paints I filled in the details. I couldn’t resist adding some tiny pearls to her headband. I thought I was finished but something was missing…

The flock of birds and flower in her hair completed the piece for me.

This was a wonderful little project and I can’t wait to do another one! I bought these little canvas’ in bulk from Michaels and Grace has already started her second one!

Hope you all have a beautiful day!



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Grace, my muse.

I have been feeling overwhelmed lately. All good stuff but still. I’ve been pushing myself a little too much and it has caught up with me, in the form of a cold. It hasn’t helped that poor Grace has been home sick too. So tonight, I took it easy. I made a big pot full of steaming chamomile tea and have been peacefully editing some of my photos from the summer. Delighted with some of the images I managed to capture of Grace, I had to share. She truly is my muse…

I love how I often see such wonderment in her eyes. Such hope and innocence…

Other times, I capture moments of what appear to be deep thought and reflection. She often gazes into a flower or stares up at the trees. I once found her cradling a tiny broken bird shell that she had found on the forest floor. She kept it by her bedside for weeks in a small glass bowl. “A baby bird actually lived in here!” she would exclaim.

Sometimes I wonder if she’s my own little fairy child…I am enchanted by her…

Take time for yourself this week and be enchanted with your life and the loved ones around you.

Hope you are all having a beautiful week.



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