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I’m dreaming of a French flea market…

Hello friends! How are you? Hope all is well in your world.

My head is in the clouds a bit today…I’m dreaming of jumping on a plane destined for Paris and spending entire days drowning in all the treasure at the flea markets. I just found out that there are actual travel companies that take you on guided tours of these magical markets – totally brilliant! sigh. I want to go so bad!

Okay, so the reality is…I’m not going anytime soon so what’s the next best thing?  – I’m going there vicariously.

This would be my Parisian apartment for the week. A perfect place to lay my head after a day rifling through French antiques! Isn’t it dreamy?

{images via}

Now on to the markets…

(just a warning – I may freak out. I get giddy at a Goodwill so this may just kill me.)

I’m going to follow this chick…she looks like she knows what she’s doing. ;)

Deep breath. Remain calm…

(starting to hyperventilate…)

OMG! Can you see why I want to go so desperately! I’m feeling light headed. I better go sit at a cafe and compose myself.

Ahh…much better. Wow, that was overwhelming but I think I have a logical plan of attack. You see, you have to be calculating at these markets. You need a system. How about this?

1. Buy everything in sight.

2. Throw out everything in my suitcases and cram new purchases inside.

3. Realize that my suitcase won’t close so just…

3. Rip up my “vicarious” return ticket and live forever in the City of Light.

Sounds good to me.

Have you ever been to the Paris flea markets? If you have, please do share your experience! Would love to hear about it!


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