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Life changes…

hello there! oh my goodness, I have neglected you dear blog. Get in line behind the laundry, grocery shopping, housework, socializing and sleep! Yeah…so life with a newborn has been a little hectic, to say the least. What did I expect, right? Here’s what I expected – a baby that napped all the time, didn’t fuss and allowed me to still do ALL the things I had been doing. Hah! Clearly, I was delusional. BUT – I will say that having Claire has forced me to slow down (significantly) and focus on what’s really important – my family! So while my social marketing prowess has come to an abrupt halt, my diaper changing skills are noteworthy and don’t even get me started on how good I’m getting with my Baby K’tan wrap!

Life has changed. A lot. But it’s okay – because that’s what it’s supposed to do. I’m trying to internalize this zen-like attitude, accept my poochy tummy and breathe in the precious, sweet moments with this amazing, new, little being.

I managed to get a shot of Claire this afternoon…she’s 6 weeks old now…

So what’s changing in your life?



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Baby Fever

No, now don’t get the wrong idea…I’m not having a baby again anytime soon, but my dear friend who visited me this weekend is a photographer who wants to start a focus on newborn photography.

I decided to help her find some inspiration on Flickr. Enjoy these beautiful images…

Happy Wednesday!



p.s. to my beloved friend C – Thank you for visiting us…you are missed already. Love you.

Images: 1. Newborn Dryspell is Over!, 2. Special Delivery, 3. Lazy days, 4. Baby Ford, 5. Soft, 6. l o v e, 7. baby., 8. Cozy, 9. That’s a Wrap, 10. cheep cheep, 11. Newborn Goodness, 12. fuzzy, in color, 13. little bird. newborn photographer.14. Not available15. Not available16. Not available

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