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Grin & Bear it.

Hi there! How is your week going so far? We are getting so much sun here in Portland that I’m a bit giddy! It’s a little bizarre but I’ll take it!

Maybe it’s the extra Vitamin D but even my dreams have been stranger than usual. You see, I have recurring dreams with a bear in it. Yup. A big ole’ grizzly bear that I always see on the outskirts of a forest. He is always tromping through the trees on two feet appearing rather ferocious. He never actually gets me or even gets very close but the dream is alarming and always stays with me all day. This last time, I woke up from the dream and this thought entered my mind – “The bear represents change.”  It hit me like a bolt and thinking back I realized that I have my “bear dream” when lots of change is entering my life. All of a sudden both the changes and the bear seemed less frightening.  I decided to look up what a bear stands for in dreams and found that actually the bear can symbolize being brave, facing the world alone and encourages independence and strength in motherhood. Be the Mama Bear. Okay. I can do that.

To remind me of this, I just bought this print from Corella Designs on Etsy. The wonderful artist is Donna McKenizie. I love this big bear and I love that what at first seemed scary is now making me stronger.


Here are some more of her gorgeous illustrations.





Do you connect with a special animal or see one in your dreams? Maybe it’s trying to tell you something…

Have a wonderful Tuesday.




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Mama bear love

Photography by Art Wolfe

Okay so I know this is random…but here goes.

I came in from running errands with my little girl. I was rather exhausted and plopped myself onto the sofa while she ran off to her room to play with her new Disney fairy.

I sighed and flicked on the TV. It happened to be on OPB and I suddenly realized why my husband insisted on getting a HDTV.

I felt my jaw drop at the sheer beauty of the scene before me:

A huge mama grizzly bear cuddling and playing with her cub in emerald fields of grass. Indigo mountains and an endless sky set the backdrop to this precious moment. The location: Alaska, Katmai Coast.

I sat transfixed for half an hour, mesmerized by these beautiful creatures. When the show finally ended I looked beside me to find my 3-year-old quietly sitting next to me. I think we shared the same expression on our faces: amazement. We sat there for a minute. Grace broke the silence,

“I love those bears, mama.”

Ridiculously sensitive as I am…I felt my eyes well with tears.

“Me too, baby.”

The genius behind these images is photographer, Art Wolfe.  If you are an animal/nature lover you must go check out his wildlife portfolio. Watch the episode online here.


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