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Home on the Range…

Hello friends. I know I haven’t posted in a while but I have good reasons. I have been sick and I’m in beautiful Montana. We are here for the local 4th of July celebrations and to visit with my family. Even though I’ve been plagued the entire time with an awful sinus/respiratory infection, I dragged myself outside during the golden hour to take pictures…

My dad’s horse, Corky always makes a lovely subject…

this is how we all feel when we get to Montana…

totally blissed out.

I love it here.

Happy 4th of July!



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Last day in the mountains…

My heart is a little heavy today.

It’s my last day in the mountains. My last day in my parents home, where…well…I feel a bit like a kid…safe, cared for and so comforted.

A place where I am loved unconditionally.

I can be exactly who I am here.

I wish I could wrap up that feeling and take it home with me in my suitcase.

Each year, I get better at leaving, a little stronger and less shaky on these long legs of mine but I always shed a few tears, mourning the passing of time and the inevitable return to reality.

Time to take a deep breath, put on my mommy hat, step back into my big girl shoes and get back on my path.

Enjoy your day and celebrate every precious moment.




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