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My little Muse

Hello there! I know I had promised to share with you the other photos that I took of Grace but it’s been a little crazy around here lately. An emotional 1st grader and a teething six month old has made life rather interesting to say the least! But, all is well and I finally have a quiet moment to see the shots that Grace helped art direct.

I gotta say, I couldn’t have been more proud, when I noticed that Grace was paying attention to the light and composing the idea for her portraits. She was very particular and wanted to see the shot before we went on to the next. Adjusting her hair or holding her feather a touch more to the right. I just love it when we can actively collaborate on a creative project together. It doesn’t happen much anymore, unfortunately. I hope that as little Claire gets less needy we can all spend more time being artistic.

Okay…here she is…

my muse edit 1 with texture

angel girl edit1

The next set, she wanted taken in front of her window because she thought the light was all “glowy”. Seated at her new writing desk she announced, “I am going to pretend that I’m about to write a poem with this feather pen, like they used to in the old days.”  Such a romantic already, like her momma. :)

angel3 edit1

angel2 edit1

angel edit1

Hope you enjoy these. On another note, I just signed up for the next online art course, by none other than the fabulous, Jeanne Oliver. Go here to check it out here.

Have a wonderful rest of the week.



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Grace, my muse.

I have been feeling overwhelmed lately. All good stuff but still. I’ve been pushing myself a little too much and it has caught up with me, in the form of a cold. It hasn’t helped that poor Grace has been home sick too. So tonight, I took it easy. I made a big pot full of steaming chamomile tea and have been peacefully editing some of my photos from the summer. Delighted with some of the images I managed to capture of Grace, I had to share. She truly is my muse…

I love how I often see such wonderment in her eyes. Such hope and innocence…

Other times, I capture moments of what appear to be deep thought and reflection. She often gazes into a flower or stares up at the trees. I once found her cradling a tiny broken bird shell that she had found on the forest floor. She kept it by her bedside for weeks in a small glass bowl. “A baby bird actually lived in here!” she would exclaim.

Sometimes I wonder if she’s my own little fairy child…I am enchanted by her…

Take time for yourself this week and be enchanted with your life and the loved ones around you.

Hope you are all having a beautiful week.



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