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Escape to the beach

Yesterday it hit 100 degrees in Portland! Lucky for us, we decided a day at the shore was exactly the remedy for the record heat.

We headed out, kids loaded up, DVD player on and large coffees in hand.

We explored the quaint beach side town, while we waited for the sun to make its appearance.

As the day warmed, we headed to the beach.

It was very typical Oregon coast weather – the clouds fighting with the sun for the sky. The clouds won but we didn’t mind. The sand was warm, the wind was gentle and the kids were instantly having a blast.

Sand castles were built, feet were buried and clothes were soaking wet.  Amidst the tearful episodes from sand in the eyes, it was a successful beach day. Katie and I even got momentary glimpses at some magazines!

After ice cream, we loaded up some very sleepy kiddos and made our way back to the blistering heat of Pdx.

It was a pleasantly exhausting day and a relief to feel the cool ocean air on our faces. Now, I’ve got to get back to cleaning out all the sand from my purse.

Have a fantastic weekend.



P.S Thank you, Katie for a great day! xo

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Oregon coast road trip…

Okay…now that the week has settled down and Seven Planet‘s shelves are stocked with Grace and Ivy products, I can finally relax a bit and share some pics from my recent trip to the Oregon coast with friends. I was taking photos like a mad woman!  My poor friends had to put up with me constantly snapping shots like some wanna-be paparazzi photographer.

I am a complete amateur with a camera so bear with me. We hit two lovely vineyards on the way to the coast: The Four Graces and Domaine Serene. The sun was shining and we were completely blissed out.

Ahh…a perfect afternoon in Oregon’s wine country.

Next stop. The beach! Nye Beach to be exact.

We rented a fabulous condo right in the heart of town. Our first day at the coast was typical – drizzle, cold and misty, but the second day was a true gift! Sunny, warm and relatively still.

We walked on the beach for a couple of hours and let the sun warm our backs. It felt so delicious.

After our walk on the beach I had to walk by the ultra charming Sylvia Beach Hotel. Famous for its author themed rooms, like the somber Edgar Allen Poe room and the whimsical Dr. Suess room. Writers from all over are reported to visit this hotel to be inspired by the greats…although the breathtaking ocean views don’t hurt either.

I’ll post more about our adventures tomorrow…including our mission to acquire fresh Dungeness crab and my friend’s recipe for an amazing crab dinner…

Have a happy Thursday.




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A hug in a bowl

I came back from the coast today and after three fun-filled days with my girlfriends I was pleasantly relaxed but also completely wiped. Cooking did not sound good to me. I was just too pooped.

My dear husband jumped at the opportunity to control the kitchen so he whipped up a super comforting pot of butternut squash soup! I felt like a lucky girl. Here’s the basic recipe that he followed…here.

He’s not one to stick to a recipe so he took it up a notch by grilling the butternut squash, adding 3 cloves of minced fresh garlic, a dollop of sour cream and a splash of 1/2 and 1/2. To really give it an extra ounce of deliciousness he sprinkled in some aged cheddar cheese.

For dunking (cuz he knows I’m a total dunker) he toasted some fresh sourdough bread smeared with garlic butter…

I was in heaven.  It’s good to be home.




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To the coast I go…

I’m off to the Oregon coast this weekend with some dear friends. No kid, no alarm clock, no schedule! I just can’t wait to sleep in. Pure heaven!

If you’ve never been to the Oregon coast let me tell you a little about it. It’s rugged, misty, temperamental and downright breathtaking. I grew up knowing only sunny, flat warm beaches and while those are lovely too…there is a certain majesty to our dramatic coastline.

Enjoy these stunning pics.

1. harry2010 2. & 3. sodomojo2009

Have a fabulous weekend. I’ll be in dreamland.



p.s. did I mention that we have to drive through wine country to get to the coast…what’s a girl to do?

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