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Grace & Dottie

Hi there! How is week going so far? All is well, here at the Newports. Claire Bear is saying more “words” and is desperately trying to stand on her own. Grace is getting excited to celebrate her 7th birthday later this month so we are in party planning mode and my dear hubby is super busy but grateful for the work. As for me, I’m excited to start a new online art class with Jeanne Oliver on Monday! I’ve been absolutely dying to make some art but I always do better with a specific assignment and a deadline…must be programmed into my brain from art college! I’m hoping to gut my studio this weekend and prepare all my art supplies so I will be ready to dive in. Eeeek! Can’t wait!!

Okay, so I promised to share some photos from our trip to Brasada Ranch and I managed to get these done the other evening. This is Grace and the ranch dog, Dottie. Grace was completely smitten with her. Every chance she got she would beg us to take her up to the main lodge to visit her. It was really sweet to see the connection between the two of them…

Grace and Dottie

Grace and Dottie 3 b +w

Grace and Dottie2

Grace and Dottie4

More photos to come…

Hope you have a beautiful Friday!



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Helio & Missy

A couple of weeks ago, I had the pleasure of spending some time with two special dogs. They patiently tolerated my camera and I was able to capture a few good shots.

Meet Helio and Missy…

They love their special spot on the couch where…

Helio lovingly gives Missy little kisses.

Who could resist that face? Seriously, I have a major Whippet crush. If I didn’t already have a kitty I would want one of these guys…

I managed to capture this one while Helio waited for his favorite toy to be tossed. Such a handsome boy!

Aren’t they lovely? I have always had a thing for Greyhounds and Whippets…to me, they are so elegant. With their big woeful eyes, gentle demeanor and long legs they remind me of a fawn.

I’m so glad our dear friends adopted these two.  If you are a local Portlander and are looking to adopt a Whippet go here. If you are not local and want more info go here.

Do you have a special animal in your life?

Hope your long weekend was restful.



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I will miss you Sydney.

Sydeny 2002-2010

Tonight we put down our cat, Sydney. She had stomach cancer. This afternoon she was sitting in my lap and now…she’s gone. It’s amazing the emptiness a pet leaves when they are gone. The house feels empty, her food bowl sits there undisturbed, her catnip mouse lies in the corner. I miss her so much. She was a shy kitty. I mostly saw her at night, once Grace was in bed. She would come and sit with me, quietly purring. A warm weight on my legs. But tonight…nothing. I’m left only with warm tears running down my cheeks.

My only comfort – she is with my other kitty, Gabriel. They used to sleep together. Now, I hope they lay once more, in each others arms…



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