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Tomorrow is the day…

Hi there! It’s been a whirlwind since I last posted. I’ve been admitted to hospital twice and have yet to come home with Baby Claire – annoying to say the least! BUT tomorrow it’s official…due to a spike in my blood pressure and concerns about pre-eclampsia, my Doc will be delivering her via c-section at noon! I’m excited, nervous and well….terrified! Our whole world is about to change. I can’t wait to meet her. So, I’m sending you all lots of love and promise I will be back when I can…

Wish me luck!!


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Inspired by the Creatively Made E-Course

Hello!!! I know it’s been forever and I’m sorry but I’m back and I’m just full of inspiration – thanks to the fabulous E-course I’m taking by Jeanne Oliver.  My first trimester was trying at times, tired, nauseous, weepy but now that I’m well into my second trimester I’m feeling like myself again. While my cravings for chocolate have yet to subside, a forceful urge to create art has emerged, so when I found this course via the Dreamy Whites blog I signed up immediately! Jeanne has always inspired me with her whimsical creations and beautiful art, so what better teacher to help me break out of my creative rut?!

Our first project was to assemble a vintage art journal. A place where we can sketch, doodle, paint and dream. I couldn’t wait to begin. Here is the final result…

Cutting up a vintage book felt so naughty but I knew I wasn’t destroying it, just up-cycling it!

Embellishing the cover with vintage costume jewelry and an old crystal drawer pull was so much fun! I actually raided my husbands tool box and used pliers and screwdrivers! (I’m not what you would call handy…)

The antique illustration was taken from an old Shakespeare book…who can resist Romeo and Juliet? Not this Romantic…

Inside the front cover I added a little brown paper pouch to keep little pretties and the word “faithful” to remind myself to stay true to my creative spirit. The pages are compiled of vintage papers, scrapbook pages, watercolor and sketch paper. Lots of different textures to provide a wonderful backdrop to my creations.

I bound the book using this very handy hole-punch and some organic hemp twine.

Finally I found a use for all the shiny, sparkly baubles I’ve been collecting. It was so delightful to play with them.

I’m really happy with my little journal. Making it brought me such satisfaction and re-ignited that drive to create. I better do it now before I’m buried in diapers! Right?

Hope you are all enjoying the New Year! Let me know what creative goals you have on the horizon…



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My little project

Oh dear blog…how you’ve been neglected lately. I apologize friends, for my recent absence. You see I’ve been working on a little project…

Yes…much to our surprise we got an early Christmas present! I’m entering my second trimester and our little bundle is due late June. So, as you can imagine,  I have been sleeping (and eating) a lot and blogging has not been at the top of my list. With a fuzzy brain and icky tummy, my attention turned to my bed, some good books and stacks of unread magazines. But, I am regaining my energy and have gathered lots of inspiration to share with you. So don’t give up on me yet! :)

Thanks for being patient with me.



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