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Portrait of a Goddess

Sorry for my recent absence. I threw my back out on Tuesday and have been in bed ever since. Today, I finally feel like I can type on my computer, so here I am.

Upon emerging from my pain killer haze, I thought a little wander through my Flickr contacts would inspire me and lift my spirits. It did and I had to share with you an artist who does some amazing things with photography.

Sarai is self-taught and has been obsessed with the art of photography since 2007. Her natural ability is evident and it is inspiring that through this medium she finds joy, inspiration and the essential outlet through which she expresses herself and also honors her brother, whom she sadly lost to the war in Iraq. The depth of her emotions is felt within her work and each of her whimsical images tells a story.

To me, these first three feel like portraits of goddesses. I adore mythology, so they really resonate with me. She captures both their feminine grace and quiet strength. Stunning!

Enjoy the magical world of Sarai’s work…

Go here to check out her inspiring photostream.

Hope you are having a lovely Thursday.


Images via: Saraibelovedfotography


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