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Hints of Spring

Portland’s February is typically a bit of tease.

The sun likes to come out and remind us of its warmth, its soft caress and the way it illuminates everything – trimming the trees in golden light and turning the raindrops to diamonds.

Just for a moment.

Then…without much warning…we are cloaked in clouds once more.

But little hints of Spring have begun to show themselves in our wet soil. Modest crocus’ and snowdrops unfurling, while daffodils bloom, looking cheerful after their winter slumber. My favorite, the cherry blossoms, are beginning to burst from their buds…

It may rain a lot here, but the beauty that emerges each Spring is worth every gray day.

I hope you are seeing signs of Spring where you live too. It makes you smile, doesn’t it?



Images:1. Snowdrops, 2. another spring flower, 3. Spring Flower 4.2.06, 4. spring-apple-tree-flower, 5. Spring Flowers, 6. spring_flower_tulips1, 7. Spring flowers in Cambridge, 8. Spring Flowers, 9. spring flowers, 10. Spring Flower, 11. ’09 Spring Flowers 1, 12. Pink Spring Flower, 13. Spring Flowers | No. 01

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