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Sunshine & French inspiration

Friday was a perfect day and I found myself out on the back deck sipping a lovely chilled white wine and perusing my new favorite magazine – Marie Claire Idees! My dear friend, Amy was the first to introduce me to this inspiring French publication and I’m hooked for life…look at all the gorgeousness it has to offer. Can I understand a lick of it? Not really, although high school french helps a bit but who cares – a picture is worth a thousand words anyway…

I couldn’t stop snapping pics with my iPhone…so I could share the loveliness with you!

I gathered from the images that they are celebrating their 20 year anniversary! Amazing party ideas included…pure magic! From a whimsical woodland celebration….

To chic tablescapes…

the styling in this magazine is just stunning! I found my copy at Barnes and Noble. There is something very refreshing about foreign magazines…so I encourage you to check this one out for sure…

Hope your weekend is turning out lovely. I’m all alone in the house this morning while Chris and Grace are off on a Father’s Day fishing trip. So cute!


p.s. I scoured the app store to find this fab photo collage app…you must try it. I created all the content for this post via my iPhone – trying to be a more mobile blogger! :)


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Lovely Sunday

Sitting with a cup of hot chai I explored my Tumblr inspiration folder and found some lovely photos for a lovely Sunday…

These amazing photos come from the Flickr photostream of the extremely talented fotopastele. Her simple, timeless images celebrate home, food and family. I find her work calming and restorative – reminding me of the beauty of everyday things.


I hope your Sunday was peaceful.



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Sunday is Laundry Day

I have been putting off the laundry for too long. Fortunately, I happen to enjoy the process so off I go…

Here’s the recipe I use to make home made green laundry powder. It works wonderfully and is easy to mix together.

1 bar (4-6 oz.) Castile soap, grated

2 cups Borax

2 cups washing soda (in laundry aisle)

1 cup baking soda

essential oils (optional)

Combine first four ingredients. Add several drops of your favorite essential oil, if desired. I love to use lavender. Store mixture in covered jar and add 1/4 – 1/2 cup to each load of laundry.

For some inspiration…enjoy these pics by some talented Flickr artists.

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