Into the Blue…

Hi there friends…okay so this is a rather random post but I was swept up with inspiration this morning when I heard this song by my friend and local singer/songwriter, Naomi LaViolette! I’m totally enamored with it and it has been playing over and over again on my iTunes. I can’t get enough of the lyrics – which she wrote herself, by the way – yeah, I know, seriously talented! I couldn’t help but want to share the beauty of this song’s message…

Here take a listen:

You must read the gorgeous lyrics…

Into the Blue

So many circles you’ve been running
With all your little fires burning
You’re racing to put them out
You’re looking for an escape
Eluded by the peace you crave
Fighting your doubt

Come to the water
Today is a search for you

You see the forest in symmetry
Standing tall, reflecting free
With nothing to prove
Looking down, what will you see
So what if you were like a tree
With nothing to lose

Come to the water
Today is a search for you
Drink of the stillness
Let your eyes fall into the blue

We all approach carefully, removing our disguises
The shore will hold you
All unsure of who we will see, our own surprises
The shore will hold you, hold you

So give into transparency
And let it ripple into clarity
Where circles only dissipate, no it’s not too late

Come to the water
Today is a search for you
Drink of the stillness

Let your eyes fall into the blue
Come to the water
You can now release what is true
Unlock your dreams
It’s all waiting for you in the blue

To me, the words resonate so deeply and beautifully describe our struggle with authenticity – that constant pull in our hearts that wants us to delve deeper into our true selves. Beneath the path we all walk in this life, under the day-to-day tasks, obligations and role-playing, resides our authentic spirit, the quiet voice inside. The one we so rarely listen to. We all yearn to connect, to learn, to grow, to be loved and heard and ultimately to find our place here in this world.  I guess that’s why the “little voice” inside me loves this song so much. It reminds me to honor the quiet moments, to be grateful for all the beauty in my life and to never stop searching for the true me. I hope this wonderful song uplifts your spirit too.

Thank you Naomi, for inspiring me!

Check out Naomi’s site here!


All images can be found here.


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13 responses to “Into the Blue…

  1. Jane Bell Lassiter

    I really loved that song…. thanks so much for sharing it with us!

  2. Cathy Garrett

    Beautifully said Ivy. Thank you so much for sharing the beautiful song with the gorgeous pictures.

  3. Thank you for sharing this, Ivy. Very beautiful. And I think your words are as heartfelt and universal as Naomi’s. Honoring the quiet moments, gratitude for beauty and the quest for one’s true self – so touching and true. Really wonderful post. xo

  4. Loved the song! and also the lyrics. Thank you for sharing this. I never heard of Naomi LeViolette before and I follow the link that you gave. I listen to one song and inspired by that; ‘my superman’ song. I love the way you arrange those pictures between the lyrics. It’s beautiful ^_^

  5. I am in love with the song! Such a beautiful song. =D
    I will share it to friends. Thanks for this Ivy! I want this reblogged if is okay. Can I?

  6. Reblogged this on tradisional metal and commented:
    it’s wonderfull

  7. That was beautiful. I especially loved the images you paired with the words. As I was listening, I was also reading along & looking at the photos.. I could almost see a music video as i pictured the girl in the first photo twirling in the water… loved it!

  8. Reblogged this on GuenBt. and commented:
    ‘Come to the water
    Today is a search for you’

    Thanks Ivy! ;)

  9. Nycolette

    Love the song!! The pictures are amazing :) This is so cool how did you put the music up there?

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