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Maui here we come…

Today we leave for Maui on a long overdue honeymoon…like 7 years overdue.

Grace is staying home with her Nana, so she will be having tons of fun and getting royally spoiled which, in effect, makes me feel less guilty for leaving her.

I hope to bring back lots of lovely photos and fun stories. Maybe some inspiration for a new product too…who knows.

The only things that I’m sure of are:

1. I will have a fruity drink with an umbrella and a straw in my hand an hour after landing.

2. I will come home rockin’ a sweet tan.

3. I will sleep like a baby listening to the sounds of the waves.

4. I will try to relish each moment.




Images via Flickr: PatrickSmithPhotography


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Weekend in the Oregon Wine country

We’re headed out to Dundee, Oregon for a weekend in the wine country with a bunch of family from out of town.

We decided it was good idea to celebrate Grace’s birthday all weekend long.

Why not?

Any excuse to go wine tasting, eat far too much good food and share lots of good times with the fam!




p.s. If you are looking for something de-lish and truly unique you must go up to the Anne Amis Vineyard and try their white Pinot noir – 2007 Prisme, Pinot Noir Blanc. It’s amazing! Pack a lunch and picnic up there too. The views are to die for.

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Classroom cupcake party

Today we took cupcakes into Grace’s classroom. She got to hand them out to all her little friends, politely asking each one, “Would you like chocolate or strawberry?” So cute.

Grace’s fabulous teacher – Miss Angie

Happy Birthday Gracie! I love you so much!!!



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Keep calm and have a cupcake

Between family coming into town to celebrate Grace’s birthday, moving into a new home, trying to figure out how to furnish this new home AND stay in budget, not sleeping and preparing to go out of town, I’m feeling a little exhausted…frayed and frankly, a bit overwhelmed.

Today, my mother literally sent me to my room and told me to take a nap…I think I was being a tad crazy.

A nap was needed.

Upon waking I knew what I must do.

I had to go on a mission to buy cupcakes for Grace’s classroom birthday celebration tomorrow.

I grabbed Grace and my mom, led them to the car and took off like a mad woman to Saint Cupcake Deluxe on SE Belmont!

I wasn’t coming home until I had two dozen beautiful cupcake creations in my possession.

Well, at least I got one thing on my list done.

For the first time this week I felt a bit better, calmer.

Amongst the chaos, the boxes, the mess…I sat, devoured a chocolate cupcake and smiled.

Hope you are having a productive and happy week so far.

If not…go on a cupcake run.



p.s. As a sweet bonus, this newly remodeled Saint Cupcake location is tied to a fabulous home decor and gift store called Noun – a treasure trove of unique vintage decor, accessories and art. Yummy treats for your tummy and your home. Love that combo.

Check out some of these lovelies…

And the charming shop…

Images via holiday jenny, saint cupcake and noun.

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Shades of Gold & Gray

Sorry I’ve been away…moving is such a pain.

Anyway, I think I have decided on the palette for my very blank living room.

I am in love with these shades of gold and gray balanced with creamy whites. I want the room to feel peaceful, refined and elegant. I’ll keep you posted with the progress.

Hope you are having a lovely Sunday.

Back to packing…



Images via Flickr & West Elm: 1. West Elm (center), 2. Ka la – Champagne citrine and gold-filled dangle earrings earrings, 3. 1970s Wallpaper design, 4. Gold and grey, 5. Gray and Gold Sunset, 6. 54/365 – Gold Rush, 7. Grey Wolf, 8. grey, gold, white, 9. Blue/Grey Pearl Stretchy Bracelet, 10. Gold and gray poppy stained glass window, 11. gold and grey, 12. gold and silver, 13. Gray & Gold

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Keys, keys, keys!

Today’s the day! We get the keys to our new home this morning at 11:30!

We are beyond excited. I’ll be blogging about the design process and sharing lots of before and after pics.

Have a fantastic Thursday!



Images via Flickr – 1. Antique Garden Shed Key Necklace, 2. Clouds and Honey Antique Key Pendant, 3. Antique Skeleton Key, 4. Queen’s Hat Antique Key Necklace, 5. Antique keys., 6. Recipe and Key, 7. antique keys, 8. The Key, 9. I Have a Secret-Antique Key, Glass and Sterling Silver Necklace, 10. Skeleton Keys, 11. Queen’s Hat Antique Key Necklace, 12. Antique Keys, 13. antique keys.14. Not available15. Not available16. Not available

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