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Portrait of a Goddess

Sorry for my recent absence. I threw my back out on Tuesday and have been in bed ever since. Today, I finally feel like I can type on my computer, so here I am.

Upon emerging from my pain killer haze, I thought a little wander through my Flickr contacts would inspire me and lift my spirits. It did and I had to share with you an artist who does some amazing things with photography.

Sarai is self-taught and has been obsessed with the art of photography since 2007. Her natural ability is evident and it is inspiring that through this medium she finds joy, inspiration and the essential outlet through which she expresses herself and also honors her brother, whom she sadly lost to the war in Iraq. The depth of her emotions is felt within her work and each of her whimsical images tells a story.

To me, these first three feel like portraits of goddesses. I adore mythology, so they really resonate with me. She captures both their feminine grace and quiet strength. Stunning!

Enjoy the magical world of Sarai’s work…

Go here to check out her inspiring photostream.

Hope you are having a lovely Thursday.


Images via: Saraibelovedfotography



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The Magic Beach Cottage

We spent the weekend in the quiet beach town of Manzanita.  Friday afternoon, the winds were relatively calm, so we took advantage of this rare occurrence and hit the sand.

Later we explored the town…

Our little cottage was just off the main drag, so it was perfect for strolling. We enjoyed a fantastic bistro lunch at Bread and Ocean. Decadent grilled paninis and white wine. Lovely.

Being a book nerd, I had to check out the Cloud and Leaf bookstore. It was so charming! Intimate and whimsical with fairy lights strung about and books stacked floor to ceiling, I was instantly in love.

Manzanita is a wonderful Oregon beach town but the highlight – the real gem of our weekend, was the amazing cottage we were lucky enough to stay in.

Welcome to the Magic Beach Cottage…(that’s what Grace calls it).

Grace was enamored with the daisies, her favorite flower.

The old garage has been converted into a vintage inspired, rustic dining room. The perfect place to celebrate.

The fire pit was another added bonus. This chair was my home most of the evenings. Wine in one hand, smore in the other – I was one happy girl. Even the barbies joined us. haha!

Reluctantly, we packed our bags on Sunday, said goodbye to the magical cottage and made our way back home.

Grace sat on this bench outside the back door, not wanting to leave. She keeps asking when we are going back.

I wish I knew…


P.S. Thank you to Candace for sharing your special home away from home.


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Photo day

Yesterday, I couldn’t stop taking photos.  The sunlight flooded in through the windows and cast a dreamy light on my kitchen table, making it a perfect stage for flowers and lace. Outside the white roses glowed and Grace found herself in our magical forest…


As you can tell, I’m having a blast experimenting with textures. They add a whole different feel to the image.

Happy Friday!



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Let the sunshine in…

I was perusing my Pinterest boards and I wanted to share a beautiful collection of dreamy sun filled images.

We are off to the quaint seaside town of Manzanita, to stay at a friend‘s vintage beach cottage!

Can’t wait to get down there, unwind, sit around the fire pit with my feet in the sand and take a ton of photos!

Have a gorgeous summer weekend!


Images via: Rowena R, violetbellaphoto, yyellowbird, Gabriela Gattaneo

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Little square 2

I think I might be addicted. This collage thing is so much fun and so different to the traditional illustration training I got in college.

My second attempt…


4″ x 4″

Cardboard, vintage papers, magazine cuttings, pen, colored pencil, acrylic paint, glued, stamped, applied gems

This one evolved a lot more effortlessly. It was a pleasure really. Burning the edges of the paper was a little scary but I love the effect.

Maybe I’m getting the hang of being an artist again. Feels good.



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A little square.

Don’t laugh – too hard, at least. As promised, I decided to do a little collage project inspired by the wonderful artist Randel Plowman.

I’m a little nervous to share but oh well…here goes…

Last night, when it was nice and quiet, I made a cup of tea and locked myself away in my office. Delighted, nervous and excited, I surrounded myself with my new collection of old papers, beautiful napkins, doilies and vintage ads. I cut out a small cardboard square 4″ x 4″ for my background.

For a while, I felt overwhelmed and jumpy, picking up one piece of paper, then another, gazing at them and then putting them aside. What was I looking for? I needed an inspiration…a direction. I could feel myself backpedaling, that little voice saying, “What are you doing?” and “You don’t know how to do this!” I pushed through it and let my intuition guide me.

When I thought I had found the perfect starting piece, I flipped it over to apply the glue and discovered that the other side was just what I had been looking for. It found me. Reassured, I continued. Like a sailor getting used to the land again, I slowly stumbled and wavered until my creative confidence re-emerged.

It’s a modest beginning. A little square. But it’s my little square and I made it.


cardboard, magazine papers, vintage paper, doily, glued, pen, colored pencil, applied bead

I went to bed with sticky fingers, tiny pieces of paper clinging to me and a big smile of my face.



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