Cabin Couture

I’ve always been a sucker for a cozy cabin in the winter…but this home takes it to a whole new level and I’m all for it!

Check out this sumptuous space – a lovely balance between rustic and elegant.

Don’t you love those shots of royal purple? I do.

Bundle me up…I don’t care how cold it is, I’m going to sit out here and drink wine!

I want that bed and that chaise

Pure brilliance here – these bunk beds are perfect for the kids.

And of course after being a snow bunny all day, you’ll need to defrost in this stunning tub.

Don’t you wish you could spend your winter days in this space? Yum.

Okay…well, I have a sick husband and a hungry daughter so I best get back to my day job. Hope you enjoyed this beautiful home.


All images by Miguel Flores-Vianna via Elle Decor


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8 responses to “Cabin Couture

  1. Marty

    Love those bunk beds !……Love the whole place in fact – and yes, the purple ! :)

    • Hi Angela! Thx for stopping by. I know isn’t this place dreamy!? I want. Have a fabulous weekend! I love your blog! I wish I could be that healthy! I definitely need to work on my glow!! xo

  2. Amazing!! The cabin of my dreams…

  3. wow what an incredible place to get away!

  4. Rustic cabin, huh? That was the biggest cabin I’ve seen ever! Then of course cabin conjures up a picture of a 2 or 3 room log cabin in the woods, right? This place is absolutely beautiful! And, YES I could spend a whole lot of time in that bathroom. . . . .I want that tub! Thanks for sharing and you have a great day!

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