Travel Visions 2

I know you may have been expecting a Friday Escape…but while I’m doing my Unravelling class, I’ve decided that I need to focus on my writing and photo assignments….so I hope you will forgive me and still enjoy this little collection of travel inspired images. I promise we will jump back into our vicarious travel when I’ve completed the course…which, by the way, is AMAZING!

Have a beautiful and inspired weekend!


Images via here.


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8 responses to “Travel Visions 2

  1. Marty

    Love the suitcases and camera by the rails. Also like the vw pic. My first car at 18 – same color and all !

  2. Your yummy travel pictures, soothed this “armchair” traveller’s penchant for spring abroad! I love the champagne bubbles light effect over the water

  3. travel – it is so beautiful)))

  4. Great photos! Especially the first one :-)

  5. All the photos are lovely, but the third and last are stunning. I thought about a weekend roaming around with my camera, shooting those beautiful, marvelous moments and things in life, stoping only to have a nice lunch of meats, cheese, bread and wine.

    That is one nice weekend, if you ask me.


  6. t.on.air

    Beautiful photos!

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