ArtWorthy Giveaway!

Hello my friends!

How’s your week going?

Been super busy around here with lots of excitement about the launch of my new Art Retreat – ArtWorthy! To celebrate, Trina and I wanted to do a fabulous giveaway!!! Packed with artsy goodies and wellness gifts too!

Check out this gorgeous stash…(worth over $150)

artworthy giveaway

Included here: A World of Artist Journal Pages Book, a 24 piece set of Liquitex Acrylic Paints, a lovely smelling travel tin candle by Votivo, A Dylusions Creative Journal, a 10 piece set of beautiful acrylic/watercolor brushes, an adorable Owl mug (Trina’s personal favorite), A lovely tin of Harney & Sons Chamomile tea and Elizabeth Gilbert’s new and fantastic book – Big Magic! 

Pretty sweet right?

To enter to win this lovely bundle of goodies you simply have leave a comment about your dream art retreat AND share about the retreat on one (or more) of your social channels….i.e. Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram etc. Let me know how and where you shared and each time you do, I will enter you name again into the drawing! Pretty easy right!?

***Please use the image and link below to share on your social networks:

ArtWorthy Link:

Retreat Square

I will be drawing the winner on Friday January 22nd! So stay tuned to see if you won!! Can’t wait to wrap up this box and ship it out to a lucky creative friend!

***PLUS we are offering $100 off on the retreat as an early bird special! This offer will end on Jan 25th so if you are thinking about joining us don’t miss this deal!

Thank you all for helping us share this event! You guys are the BEST!




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66 responses to “ArtWorthy Giveaway!

  1. Maggie Goodwin

    Hi there. I have shared your wonderful Art Retreat on FB and Twitter. The place and itinerary sound wonderful.

  2. The retreat sounds wonderful! Maybe someday……. I shared on my FB page. Thanks for the giveaway!

  3. My dream art retreat would be in the mountains or by water. Love how nature inspires out creativity. I would love to win this wonderful prize package. Your the best Ivy! Shared on pinterest, Facebook and twitter.

  4. April Lopez

    Going to this retreat would be amazing but winning this prize would be fun too. I love San Diego. I loved there for several years and have family there. What a beautiful place for your retreat. I shared on FB.

  5. I would love love love to go on the Outlander art retreat! Now to convince my husband without him wanting to divorce me! ;)

  6. wendy

    Oh my, my dream art retreat … it would have to be somewhere in the mountains, with spectacular views … secluded, but not too isolated … with a small city nearby for shopping and occasional snack runs … oh, and I would have to be able to bring my dog. Definitely. I’ve shared on Pinterest here: Instagram is next, if I can figure out how to do that …

  7. Melissa Mooney

    This retreat sounds like a dream retreat to me- I would love to learn more about this tapping technique to ease anxiety & boost my confidence in my art & of course take another art workshop with you…Never been to California either! Have been talking to my husband about it & is a possibility at this point!

  8. Melissa Mooney

    Just posted this photo & link on my Instagram & Facebook as well as pinned it on Pinterest.

  9. Debbie

    I shared on pinterest. My dream retreat would be something by the ocean and lots of painting time.

  10. How cool! What a fun idea and giveaway. I just shared on Twitter and my Pinterest (Genbumom). My ideal retreat would also have some health aspects, like an organic garden nearby where we could pick our own herbs and veggies and make creative meals at night. Maybe a morning yoga session to relax and open our minds before painting (outside of course) on an easel. Lots of outdoor sketch practice. Maybe a barn where we could do pottery. I want to go now! Where is this place?! :)

  11. My dream art retreat would be to visit Monet’s garden in Giverny, France.

  12. My dream retreat is all inclusive, all supplies provided – lots of great art class time and open studio time. Lovely surroundings, good food provided, no fuss or worries. Shared on pinterest and my FB wall. Some open time for rest and relaxation or exploring. If the event is long enough, an added day of local touring is always a nice extra.

  13. Thank you, Ivy for this wonderful opportunity. My favorite art retreat would be in Cannon Beach, Oregon, my favorite place on earth! I love the artist’s community there, and I love the mountains that go right up to the sea! I have been going there since I was a child. I have shared on Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest. I tried to share on Instagram but haven’t figured out how yet! If I figure it out I will let you know:)

  14. Hi . I shared the info on FB and pinterest. Would love to win this fabulous prize. My dream retreat would be in a warm climate, by the water with all of the fabulous teachers from the Let’s Face It group. Yummy!!

  15. Betty Wisse

    My favorite art retreat would include art, yoga and massages. I always need a massage after doing a full day of art :-). Shared on Pinterest

  16. Sounds like a wonderful retreat coming up! I’ve just shared on Facebook and my Twitter page If I had to pick a place for a dream retreat, I think it would have to be somewhere very warm, with balmy evenings, where we could paint outside overlooking turquoise waters during the day and maybe enjoy some fun activities in the morning and evenings, like yoga and cooking!!

  17. Robin Leuschen

    A dream art retreat is simply a time away somewhere cozy and enjoying the comraderie of other artist just making art and being creative , learning a few new tips or tricks to add to our Arsenal. Lol
    R. Leuschen

  18. Wow!! I’d love to win this bundle….I’d love to go to an art retreat at a beach front location with lots of wonderful coffee places, stores, and restaurants in a walkable distance, with instruction time in the morning and lots of open studio time/wandering the area time, and using a variety of media!

  19. Fantastic giveaway! My dream art retreat would be to go on the Outlander retreat. If that isn’t possible, then a cabin in the mountains, near a lake would be nice.

  20. This giveaway looks amazing!! Thank you for the offering. My dream art retreat would be on the island of Hvar in Croatia. Surrounded by olive trees, lavender, hand stacked rock walls, and the bluest blues of the Adriatic Sea… is so beautiful!! Not to mention all of the fabulous food and the gracious people. It is a place that truly sets my heart on fire!! Adding art and healing would be over the top!!

  21. Wow!! What a generous, amazing gift to giveaway from both of you!!! I would absolutely adore this package, esp with that book that I’ve been dying to read and the supplies. I would love to go on an art retreat where nature is so close that I can breathe it in while diving deep into art that can be focused and concentrated on. I love San Diego and found that it truly feeds the artist in me with inspiration, color, and vibrance. My dream retreat would be abroad like New Zealand, Austrailia, Europe or Scotland (Hello!!!). To be immersed in an atmosphere rich with culture, the arts, and nature and to be sharing that journey with other artists and incredible mentors. One day, if I am lucky and can afford it, i’ll be fortunate to experience it. Thank you so much for this chance to win!!! I am sharing on facebook, twitter, google plus, wordpress, instagram and pinterest!!!! xx!

  22. Posted on FB, Instagram, and Pinterest!!

  23. Hello Ivy,

    I have shared this Art Retreat link on Pinterest. What a lovely destination and refreshing retreat. The giveaway is so cute. I hope to win but if I don’t I still enjoyed taking a peek at all the good things you like!:D

  24. I have always wanted to attend an art retreat; I’m going to work on manifesting that for 2016. My ideal retreat would be near water, with lots of art making, fellowship and sisterhood! I am sharing on pinterest and fb. Thank you for this opportunity!

  25. I shared this on Facebook

    My dream art retreat would take place in my most place on earth Sedona Arizona. It would include all my art friends from around the world. We would laugh and paint and hike. We would spend time connecting and encouraging each other.

    Thank you for this chance to win. I would love to go to San Diego

  26. I’m sharing on FB…my dream retreat would have to be in a castle in Europe…omg! And, that owl mug is adorbz!!😘 Thanks for the opportunity! Oh, I will share on Instagram too!!

  27. Don’t enter me into the draw… I am just enjoying the buzz and will gladly share. And by the way I already bought that book by your recommendation. Awesome book, I enjoy reading it. My dream retreat happens daily, in my studio, and if I were in US, I would have attended yours. You are amazing, very impressed by your creative life!

  28. Wonderful giveaway–would love the chance to win. I’ve shared the retreat on Twitter ( and my FB page: :)

  29. Maria clark

    You are an amazingly talented person!!! Love all of yor work!

  30. Karen

    My dream art retreat would be just like the Outlander Retreat you have planned! The only thing I would add is for my mother to be able to join me. She is 83 (very young spirit) and wants to go back to Scotland one more time. She is an artist and this would be her dream retreat also. Thanks for the opportunity to win the goody package. I’m sharing on Facebook and Twitter.

  31. Hi usual you have presented us with an amazing opportunity to create and learn from the best! I would love to attend this workshop and am seriously thinking about it…if not, I have Outlander to look forward to! I have shared on Facebook and privately to a couple of friends. Thanks, Ivy. I love the 2 classes I am taking with you!

  32. mthimjon

    Oh wow what a cool giveaway! I don’t know to many retreats but one I have always wanted to do is Alisa Burke’s! She doesnt always do them but when she does they look fabulous! I am dying to read big magic, heard its good!

  33. Reblogged this on bobbieschae and commented:
    Doesn’t this look amazing?!?

  34. Your retreat looks amazing! My dream retreat would be anywhere I could really get away and focus on the creative process! I shared it by reblogging on my page

  35. Cindy

    Wow this retreat sounds absolutely magical, I can’t even image being able to attend such a beautiful experience. My dream retreat would be this one, it is a dream alright :)

  36. Cindy

    I tweeted and shared on google+
    Thank you

  37. my dream art retreat would be near the sea with a group of open artists willing to create, share their creative process, and find the space to grow creatively. where one wouldn’t simply ‘copy’ techniques but find ways to evolve in their own work. sound like you are organizing a beautiful space. i pinned on Pinterest. what a lovely giveaway opportunity, thank you!

  38. Kryste Herring

    My ideal retreat would be be yours! I wish it was possible for me…. Shared on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, and Google+. Couldn’t get it to share on Instagram

  39. My dream retreat would be somewhere warm – preferably in the Caribbean or The Maldives, but I’m better off travelling to the Canary Islands as I live in Spain. Never get any art retreats here, unfortunately.

  40. Maureen Craddock

    Any art retreat would be my dream retreat. I don’t have any local friends who share my passion for art . I would love to create art with other people . It would be so nice to go away and relax and focus on peaceful creative things. I posted a link on my Facebook!

  41. My dream retreat was last October when I had the change to go to France. A friend couldn’t go and w/in 3 days of finding out that I was going, I was on a plane. It was the chance & the trip of a lifetime. Of course I didn’t do a lick of art but I sure did enjoy Monet’s garden, Normandie, Honfleur, and Paris. It was amazing. I am sharing on FB.

  42. My dream art retreat would be one where techniques are taught, but we would be free to make our own art as well. There would be a lot of interaction with the other students.And it would be somewhere in Italy or France! And it would be a month long!!! Ha ha ha!!!

  43. I dream of going in an Art retreat that will be in a big open space – mountain top or ocean front. For 2 days, we will learn about expressing art in all areas of our life : physical, work, relaxation, parenting…even fashion and food!

  44. chrisalee

    Hi Miss Ivy, thank you ever so much for your generosity.

    Oh my, my dream art retreat…. I would like it somewhere nearby so that I wouldn’t need be away from my little one and husband so perhaps in the Perth Hills in October. All if my favourite arty friends and teachers would fly in from around the world and we would all drink expensive champagne, share lots if laughs and tips and get paint in our hair.

    I’ve shared on fb, pinterest, and google +

  45. Holly

    Shared here!

    And my dream art retreat would be by the water, somewhere warm with a laid back vibe…ok, I clearly want a vacation just as much as an art retreat :)

  46. Konstanze

    My dream art retreat has a beautiful landscape, can be by the seashore or the mountains, with lovely ladies, about art journaling, good food and time to rest…
    Shared on Pinterest and Twitter.

  47. Chesley

    What a fabulous giveaway! I shared this post on my FB page, Pinterest (to my ‘Every Girl Needs’ board) and to my Google+ page. Thank you, Ivy, for offering this! BTW, I love your blog, art, everything Ivy!

  48. Chesley

    Oh! I forgot to tell you about my dream art retreat! Near the beach somewhere warm. Lots of elbow room to create, with new techniques and supplies offered, and lots of friends, old and new. With painterly aprons and no worries about making messes. And all the greats, like Michelle Ward, Sherrill Kahn, Lynne Perrella, Roben Marie Smith, Flora Bowley, Nina Bagley, Teesha Moore, Dina Wakley, Kirsten Robinson, Rae Missigman, just to name a few off the top of my head.

  49. Barbara Bishop

    My dream art retreat would be near the beach or water with learning new techniques along with healing my artist heart. I would love to be somewhere sunny and warm but most important would be to build new relationships and encourage others. I have never been on an art retreat but it is in my dream list. I have shared this on my pinterest and facebook. Thank you for this generous opportunity ladies!

  50. Barbara Bishop

    I shared this on pinterest and on my facebook then I thought I had already posted a comment and I can’t find it sometimes things get lost when I am posting from Nepal. If I have posted twice please forgive me. My dream retreat would be near the beach or water. I would love to be somewhere warm and learn some new techniques for my art and healing my artist heart. Most important to me would be to meet and make some new artist friends so we can encourage each others art making journey.

  51. Shania

    The bundle looks so attractive and I wish to win, would never be able to afford all these. Your upcoming retreat itself is already a dream retreat for me. I live in SoCal but I wish I have the budget. :( I shared on FB and twitter.

    Thank you so much for this chance and may everyone going to the retreat have fun and a relaxing one.

  52. uli

    My dream art retreat is being in my studio with all the wonderful online opportunities and communities streaming in along with the winter sunlight.
    Posted your lovely retreat on my pin boards.

  53. Elaine

    My dream Art retreat would be in Sedona Arizona. It is so beautiful and spiritual.

  54. Elaine

    Sedona Arizona would be my choice of Art retreat spot. It’s a beautiful and spiritual place.

  55. Sarah CHaney

    My dream retreat would be the rainforest of Colombia

  56. Leah Shumack

    I would love an art retreat to the beach! Warm weather and beautiful views. Shared on FB

  57. jmahurin40 my dream retreat would be where I could fish , enjoy nature and do m art creations!

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