Art Love : Marie Laurencin

Hello friends,

How’s life? Hope you are enjoying the changing of the seasons. I do so love Fall!

I’ve been taking the online course – “Studying under the Masters” with Jeanne Oliver and I’m eating up all the information and reveling in the feeling of artistic growth! Along the path of studying, my thoughts were brought back to an artist that I love but never truly researched before – Marie Laurencin.

She was a French painter (1883-1956) and lived in Paris for most of her life. She hung out with other powerful artists of the time including, Pablo Picasso, Jean Metzinger, Albert Gleizes, Robert Delaunay, Henri le Fauconnier and Francis Picabia. She was celebrated as one of the few female Cubist painters. Her style only emulates the elements of Cubism early on and quickly fades after World War 1.

bd0aaafad85c57e30f94b17c5ae6fed6Her style moves toward an ethereal look of soft colors, gentle curving shapes and doe eyed female figures. These resonate a beautiful feminine power and grace – a serenity and grounded energy that I find captivating. I had the pleasure of seeing her work at the Musée de l’Orangerie in Paris when I was there in 2012. I feel deeply in love with her work.  What do you think?

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One of the most important things I have learned from this online course is to NEVER EVER stop learning about Art. It feeds my soul and is such a wellspring for inspiration and growth.

If you are in a rut, creatively, I encourage you to research a favorite artist, experiment with a medium you’ve never used before or sign up for an online Art course! Don’t give up on your creativity just because you’ve hit a wall. Find a rope and climb over it! Be open to your potential and trust your path.



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8 responses to “Art Love : Marie Laurencin

  1. Cathy Garrett

    Thank you for sharing this artist. Love the flowing soft colors. Beautiful!

  2. Leslie Perez

    Never knew this artist until now. Her work is lovely. I am not a big cubist fan, however, her work doesn’t seem that cold, cut and dry. (if you know what I mean) I like the femininity of her other works, the soft and bold ones alike.

    Thanks for sharing.

  3. Leslie Perez

    There is a gracefulness in her cubist piece that others at the time did not possess.

  4. I love her work! I first discovered her when the painting Danseuses Espagnoles stopped me in my tracks in the Musee de’Orangerie in Paris – I scrawled her name on a tiny piece of paper so I could find out more. Thanks for sharing (:

  5. I’m so happy you posted this, Ivy…I adore Marie Laurencin’s art! Maybe Jeanne will include her for the next Masters course, wouldn’t that be awesome?

  6. I love her work! I first discovered her when the painting Danseuses Espagnoles stopped me in my tracks at the Musee de’Orangerie in Paris and I scribbled her name on a tiny piece of paper to find out more six years ago. The colours are so exquisite. Thanks for sharing!

  7. I had no idea about this artist. Thank you so much for sharing her work here. What beautiful paintings!

  8. Thank you for this post, Marie Laurencin’s art is amazing. It makes me want to go back to Paris for a visit but for the short-term I think I’ll need to follow your lead and find an online art course.

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