Photo Love : RadLab Giveaway

Hi everyone! You all know I’m kinda obsessed with my camera and I find so much joy in not only taking pictures but “making” pictures too! I love the versatility and endless possibilities available when using Photoshop or Photoshop Elements. Experimenting with layers, textures, filters and brushes brings me much happiness and I have to tear myself away from the computer at night! Creativity gives me a caffeine like buzz!

Anyway, my latest favorite tool in conjunction with PS is RadLab! It’s a plug-in that works within PS, PS Elements or Lightroom that you download and oh my goodness – it is addictive! It makes editing photos so super easy (seriously) and I love that you can save what you did in a “recipe” and then apply it to another photo. This works out brilliantly when I’m editing photos for the shop and I want to achieve a consistent look. RadLab makes my post-production SO much faster!

I love it so much that….TODAY I’M GIVING ONE LUCKY READER RADLAB FOR FREE!!!! (worth $150.00)  Yah! To enter, all you need to do is leave a comment and tell me why you want RadLab. The winner will be randomly selected and announced on March 5th! ***Please be aware that you NEED Photoshop Elements 7 (or later) or Photoshop CS3 (or later) to use RadLab.***

I wanted to share a snapshot I took of Grace last summer. It’s not a great shot by any means but with a little RadLab magic it can become something so much better!

grace first shot

Here is the shot after RadLab…

grace summer touched up

Here is my recipe for this effect:

(if you don’t have RadLab then this won’t make much sense to you, so bear with me.)

{RECIPE: Lights On 100% – Oh, Snap 100% – Punch Out 49% – Contrast 5% – Cool as a Cucumber 70% – Claire-ify 25% – Vario-tone 100% – Iron Mouse 31% – The 600  63%}

Note: I also did some sharpening of her eyes with the sharpen tool and brought more light into her pupils by using the dodge tool.

Voila! A much better pic with better clarity, high-key drama and fresh, crisp color!

Of course, I couldn’t stop there…I went on to do a digital collage piece with this photo. Here it is…Grace helped me and picked out the flower for her hair! :) I’ll show you how I did the digital collage another day.

grace summer collage

Had a blast creating these. I hope this encourages you to experiment with your programs no matter what you may have. PicMonkey is a fun, free editing tool to learn on and Photoshop Elements can be purchased for under $80.00, (which is a steal compared to Photoshop) but offers plenty of power to get creative with your shots. Oh and the fabulous folks at RadLab gave me this 15% off coupon code just for my readers! Enter – GRACEANDIVY  at checkout.

Now go play!


***Full disclosure – I do get a small affiliate cut if any of my readers buy RadLab, just so you know. However, I am promoting it because I truly LOVE it and not for the money. This is the first time I’ve ever had an affiliation with any online product or business.***



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20 responses to “Photo Love : RadLab Giveaway

  1. Wow you are generous! I may have to get Elements just so I can partake! My PS is CS2 ;-(. I love the background on that last shot. Do tell!

  2. Oh this looks amazing! I have just opened an Etsy shop 3 weeks ago and trying to style photos for consistency; I see what a difference it can make! I could also spend hours and hours styling and editing photos, it’s so much fun, AND rewarding! This tool looks really great!

    • Very cool Candace! Congrats on your Etsy shop! I just visited and added it to my favorites. Looking good! Yes, RadLab is so helpful when editing photos for consistency. I couldn’t live without it! Keep it up and thanks for stopping by! xo.

  3. People are my favorite subject to photograph and I’d love to have Radlab because it would just make the editing much faster and the results O so pretty.

  4. rachel

    Because I want my photos to look like yours, of course.

  5. Ivette – Thank you so much for the opportunity! I have started an etsy shop and it is just sitting there because I don’t think my photos are very great of what I made. HOPEFULLY this will help :) I would also love it to have fun with some photos of Oliver. Thanks again! xo

  6. Julie

    RadLab here I come ……

  7. RadLab looks amazing! Would love to win it as I usually dread post processing but the result RadLab offers is great and doesn’t seem to take much time. Looking forward to it, else the 15% discount is good too. Thanks for sharing!

  8. Andrea_B.

    I had never heard of this program until now and it looks amazing and your edits are beautiful. I would love to win this and thanks for giveaway!

  9. Hi!
    I am a single mom to a lovely son, which I adore. Those creative times are my little “timeout”, and like you,I tend to be creative at night as well (even though I try not to loose to much sleep..:-)…)I want to take my photo-editing to another level and this software was new to me,and it sounds very tempting to try out as I love experimenting with editing! Thanks for sharing!

  10. Lovely picture!
    Happy weekend!

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  12. i would like to win this because i would love to be a blossoming professional photographer, and i am wanting to experiment with different editing programs. so this would be wonderful! :-)

  13. Just started following your blog today (love it by the way!) and I share your love of photography. I also love new gadgets and tools to improve my images. I’ve been researching the best places to get some amazing actions and I keep seeing that RadLab is one of the best! Thanks for the review.

  14. georgiannalane

    Hello, dear Ivy! What a generous giveaway. And what a gorgeous photo of Grace. I haven’t used RadLab but your beautiful images of the girls certainly make me want to try it. Have a lovely Sunday!

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  16. Photo filtering apps like Instagram and Tadaa are what really piqued my interest in photography. Now I have a brand-new Canon T3 and Photoshop Elements and I would love to try Radlab! What a great giveaway! (Found you through BYW class.)

  17. I love taking photos and altering them. I have PS Elements and Lightroom. Sounds like Radlab would be a perfect edition!!!! Would love to win!

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